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Shower Drain Pump

Shower Drain Pump

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Self-priming diaphragm pump 12 volt d.c.
Connections for 19mm (¾”) bore hose
Connections: - for 19mm (¾”) bore hose.
Dimensions: - 294 mm long, 159mm wide, 132mm high
Fuse Size: - 10(amp)
Maximum Current: - 8(amps)
Output: - up to 16 litres/minute (3.5 gallons/minute).

Maximum recommended total head 6m
Robust, quiet single diaphragm design
No strainer required
Single diaphragm design allows extended dry running
Self-primes up to 3m (9.5ft) vertical lift
Multi-positional ports for easy mounting
Rated for up to 30 minutes continuous running
Actual Weight: 2.98 Kg  (Approx. 3.48 Kg packed)

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