Decades of experience in selling and installing sails. In case of questions, write - we will measure, estimate, find the most appropriate option, deliver and install.

We are the official representatives of Elvstrøm Sails in the Baltics.

Elvstrøm Sails

For over 65 years we have developed a unique sail making expertise driven by the experience of our high performing sailors and sail designers, and our legendary founder, Paul Elvstrøm.

You can rest assured that we have an eye for every sail making detail. Leaving you to enjoy your cruise, or focus on your race, with total confidence.

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Elvstrøm Sails

One Design Sails

Sails are made according to the class rules of the yacht.
For many OD yacht classes not only the design and size are determined. The choice of fabric is also limited or strictly defined.
Elvstromsails makes OD sails for such popular yacht classes as:
Platu 25, Star, Optimist, H-Boat, X 35, Dragon a complete range of sails for BENETEAU First and many others.


Yacht Sails

With us you can order Elvstrøm Sails for your standard or individual project yacht. We will recommend the most optimal sail fabric and production technology depending on the intensity of sailing, the water area or the dynamics of the competition. It's possible to optimize your sails for either class (within rule limits) or measurement system.

Individual design

Sail Printing

Create your own sail print with us. Whether an inscription, a logo or a photo, we will fulfill your wishes. We offer a process that surprises with its longevity. By applying a thin and very light paint very precise details can be created . The type of sail does not matter here, whether it is an ultralight spinnaker, carbon or laminate Dacron sail. We work with fabric manufacturers to develop color options that ensure high quality of sail printing. Company logo or photos can be printed starting from Optimist sails up to 1000m² and more.

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Elvstrøm Sails inovation

If you want to win, you can afford no compromises. An Elvstrøm sail never compromises. Because it contains the philosophy of a man who thrilled the world as a sporting sailor. A philosophy to which we are still committed today.

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