Collection: Reed Cutters

Which reed cutter is most suitable for my lake?
The boat mounted Doro mowers are available in a range of sizes and capacities, including everything from a small electrically operated model to a hydraulic cutter with a working width of up to four metres. The cutting depths depend on how high the rails on the boat are, so the working depths given are only indicative.

Doro cutter Klippo is equipped with a petrol engine, but has a cutting depth of 1.5 metres.

Doro cutter Hymo is a hydraulic reed cutter with a cutting width of 1.5 metre and an extended cutting depth of 1.1 metre.

Doro cutter 3070 is our largest boat mounted reed mower. The mower can be equipped with knives to yield working widths from 2.2 meters to four meters. The Doro cutter 3070 is front mounted and hydraulically operated.

Doro knife Handy is a hand held tool for reed cutting near jetties and on smaller surfaces

2 m.