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Navilight 360° Rescue 2NM

Navilight 360° Rescue 2NM


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The Navilight 360° Rescue 2NM – US Coast Guard approved for 2 nautical miles is based on the Navilight 360° 2NM and includes a 360° All-round light, 225° Masthead light, 135° Sternlight, Flashing light, Anchoring light and a Cabin light. Additionally, it is fitted with a glow in the dark circle around the switch. These unique glow pigments glow for 8 hours after only 10 minutes of exposition to daylight. This and the emergency green colour of the body, makes Navilight 360° Rescue Edition 2NM extremely easy to locate, day and night. It uses super bright LED light, is waterproof, floats and attaches almost anywhere through its double magnetic mounting system.

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