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Boat Hull & Waterline Cleaner 0.5l

Boat Hull & Waterline Cleaner 0.5l

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Boat Bottom & Waterline Cleaner is a highly effective deep cleaning agent that dissolves dirt, discoloration and oxidation on Gelcoat, painted surfaces, teak, steel and aluminum. Particularly suitable for cleaning non-paint treated boat bottoms and discoloration in the waterline, around exhaust pipes and drains etc.

Wash the surface with Lefant Boat Cleaner and then rinse with fresh water. Spray generously with Boat Bottom & Waterline Cleaner and wait about 5-10 minutes. If necessary, scrub lightly with a brush. Then rinse with fresh water. In case of severe discoloration, repeat the treatment. For best performance, the substrate and product temperature should be at least +10°C.

We recommend using gloves.

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