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Barnacle remover spray 0.5l

Barnacle remover spray 0.5l


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Lefant Barnacle Remover is a highly effective scale remover that easily removes barnacles, shells and light rust without damaging adjacent surfaces. Suitable for use on boat bottoms, drives, propellers and trim tabs.

    Scrape off the loose part of the barnacle.
    Shake the bottle firmly and spray on Barnacle Remover and allow it to work for a few minutes.
    Rinse or scrape off the remaining part of the barnacle.
    Repeat the treatment if necessary
    Finish by thoroughly rinsing the surface with fresh water.

Important! Wear a protective mask, gloves and glasses. Avoid contact with galvanized surfaces. Minimum application temperature +5°C. After use, rinse the spray nozzle thoroughly with water and close the bottle with the cap.

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