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Aqua Flytväst is based on Baltic's unique combination of safety thinking, uncompromising quality and durable details. This sailing vest is affordable, flexible and has our famous fit thanks to strong waistbands and elastic. Convenience is facilitated by both a quick buckle and a tie instead of a zipper. Opt for crotch straps and whistles for extra safety if you want. You should be able to swim and feel safe on the lake to choose Aqua. Thanks to the lack of a collar, it is flexible. It does not automatically guarantee a supine position for an unconscious person in the water, but strives for it. We recommend Aqua for calmer water and as an extra vest in the boat or in the country. Aqua has a load capacity of 50 N (30–90 + kg) and is classified as a buoyancy aid. If you want to read more about different safety classes and types of life jackets, you can do it here.

  • Flexible extra vest for calm waters
  • 5 year warranty
  • CE marked

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