Elvstrøm Sails 10% season discount


Thinking about new sails? Now is the time!

Order your sails August-September 2023 and get 10% discount.
All order details must be entered by end September.
Delivery time is open and determined by Elvstrøm Sails with a dispatch no later than calendar week 13, 2024.

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Contact us to get a quote for your sails today!

In order to make a preliminary quote we need 4 measurements from your boat.

For the mainsail:

E= boom from aft of mast to mark on boom (or max out-haul position)
P= mast from mark (or max hoist) to top of boom

For the Jib/Genua:

I= measure the max hoist of the jib halyard to deck
J= from forestay to front of mast
Rigg measure

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